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Penalty shot 4 from Salmingsports on Vimeo.

Before you take a penalty shot, practice at least two different methods for taking a penalty shots so your moves don’t get too predictable when facing the opposing goalie.
Fredrik will show you a penalty shot with four built on variations enabling you to change your shot direction at the last second if the goalie is camping out on the side you were planning to shoot the ball
Then Fredrik will “mirror” the penalty shot giving you another penalty shot with four built on variations.

Remember do not run at full speed when approaching the goalie during a penalty shot. You may lose control of ball completely or not have enough control of the ball to execute the desired shot
Fredrik will either start way out to the left or to the right

Variation four – same start as in the other three penalty shots – however in this case the first stickhandling to the other side should be much shorter and then followed with
two longer stick handling moves to get the goalie out of balance.

Fredrik then mirror the 360 Spin feint. It is useful to be able to be able to do the 360 Spin from both sides depending on what side you need to deke the defender.

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